logan_2017_posterAfter various iterations in the X Men universe, Logan is the concluding act that tries to close the Wolverine storyline, while introducing a new generation of mutants (and foreshadowing spinoffs). But here lies its main problem: the emphasis and importance of child actors intertwined in its story means that bad performances from the cast diminish the main protagonist’s presentation. Hugh Jackman tries to balance an impoverished act of bad child actors and disposable secondary characters that could’ve added depth to the plot (Professor X, Caliban). And with very clichéd set pieces, the action might be entertaining for some, but nevertheless strays far from the usual quality found in similar films. To cap it all, the supporting role played by Dafne Keen as an obnoxious and shrill daughter of wolverine’s completely misses its mark, and the end story for one of X Men’s strongest characters falls short of being an action film worth watching.