Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

pirates_of_the_caribbean2c_dead_men_tell_no_talesBack again to the period of piracy, sailing, ships and buccaneers with the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie! But with so many films spread out in such a long time, audiences have probably lost count of what has happened so far. And the film in itself doesn’t help them keep track of this, trying to introduce more myths, more legends, and even more characters with intertwining storylines, connecting pasts, and even more subplots and divisions. Even though moviegoers will probably be kept somewhat entertained with the tale, it is hard to keep this tale together with so many things going on. And even harder when the film tries to push everything forward using the flattest of items (such as a compass). If they could only release the Pirate franchise from its humongous backstory and show something new, the franchise could grow without hurting itself. But sadly, this is not to be the case for Dead Men Tell No tales, where characters (and clichés) are reunited, and the film start entertaining moviegoers after its first hour or so. After all, why do we want to be introduced once again to the main theme of trying to control the power of the sea, when almost every previous installment has done the same?