The Red Turtle

the_red_turtleAlthough a Studio Ghibli production, do not expect this film to be tied to the very recognizable Ghibli artistic line, with its own humble and calm style transmitted throughout. Yet this schism helps the movie overall, as no comparisons or connections are ever made to any of the other Ghibli productions, and audiences are always attentive to the film as a unique expression of creative geniality. At firsthand, it conveys the emotion of a gentle stroll through an animated art gallery, with dulcet and peaceful natural tunes lulling a sense of tranquility and escapism. And even though there are harsh segments, they are never chaotic, always having a somewhat soothing, organized, and almost philosophical transcendence. The story, brimming with metaphorical connections and different interpretations, boils down to the tale between man and nature, a tale that tasks us with understanding our place in the nature of things and with who we are. Without spoilers, we can see the fight between the inner psyche of man as well as his outer, physical being; the clash between what man doesn’t understand and wishes to attain, and though it’s an animated film, it more accurately portrays the feelings of being stranded on an island (be that island metaphorical or not) than many of its similar peers (ex: cast away).


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