Baby Driver

baby_driver_posterAlthough Baby Driver did not have the numbers or hype that similar films have had in the past, its overall package delivers a very entertaining movie for all types of audiences. Even from the very beginning, as a high octane and fun chase starts going, the mood and music sets up what is to come straight away. And with a fun vibe around every corner, you can’t help but feel positive for the entirety of its almost 2-hour span. Additionally, it avoids common clichés found in the heist genre, and doesn’t give audiences a full-on view of the protagonist, Baby, but instead builds on the character in a slow and detailed manner. And talking about Baby, he’s easily the best around a cast of excellent actors, with a young naïve bravado that makes him extremely likeable without selling him as overconfident, in short, he’s vulnerable, but he’s got swag. Not to say that the other actors are bad in any way, Kevin Spacey thrives on roles where he plays powerful men, but the film gives all the right tools for Ansel Elgort to succeed. Sadly, the film’s ending doesn’t manage to glue all the pieces together, and feels as if the writers didn’t know how to bring an end to the movie itself. But apart from that, Baby Driver is worth a watch (or two), even if simply to listen to the excellent musical score, which paces the rhythm and beat of the story, and tells a story unto itself.


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