The Lost City of Z

the_lost_city_of_z_28film29Before jumping into The Lost City of Z, the poster and artwork made me think of an Indiana Jones adventure. It made me want to explore dangerous rainforests and dark, mysterious caves. Alas, The Lost City of Z does not, in fact, give its viewers a taste of adventure, as it rushes forward a flat story while leaving the interesting tidbits aside. And yes, this is a biographical adaptation of a novel based in real life events; but instead of trying to empower the sense of danger and exploration present in such a voyage, it simply resorts to showing quick and easy travels from point a to point b, plot a to plot b. It’s as if every scene was filmed in a carefully controlled environment (be it an uninspiring and calm river or a spread out and not-so-menacing jungle), and the hardships that the characters should be suffering are not really there. Additionally, it tries to do too much in each of its segments, jumping from jungle to war, from office to courtroom. In the end, the sum of its parts isn’t enough to make this a fine film, but nonetheless those parts can pique your interest enough so that you may be inadvertently attracted to the soul of the movie itself.


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