The Mummy

the_mummy_28201729It’s difficult to embed Tom Cruise in anything outside of Mission Impossible, where he has lead an impeccable role. And even more difficult when the film he portrays in is an action film. Thus, every take where he’s in, almost immediately harkens you back to mission impossible itself, in the process removing you from the movie you are currently watching. This is precisely one of the beginning problems of The Mummy, a film that unfortunately never quite brings back the original’s charm nor wit. A film where it’s main actors never display their full prowess, leaving audiences with a feeling of lackluster recited scripts. The sense of adventure and exploration featured in previous installments is never here, as modern day London just doesn’t fit with The Mummy’s ambience. Even so, the film’s comic relief is for the most part acceptable, visual effects are good, and the physical representation of the mummy itself is even better, a more dark, damp and visceral creature. But alas, it is a movie very much disassociated with what a “mummy” film should be, centered more around Tom Cruise than on Egypt, mythology, adventure, or exploration as a whole. In the end, its convoluted and broken story doesn’t let it live up to its intended potential.


2 comments on “The Mummy

  1. Dan O. says:

    Honestly, there are worse movies to see. Nice review.

    • 4JCV says:

      True, but it’s such a disappointment that the film doesn’t live to its expected potential, that the “punch” that hits, hits harder.

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