Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

rogue_one2c_a_star_wars_story_posterAlthough Gareth Edward’s film has some pacing issues, particularly in the first half of the film, the movie as a complete package is dearly entertaining. For the main character, a lackluster introduction to her background and motives means that the principle “show, don’t tell” is perfectly illustrated here. Instead of letting us know her as an individual, we are merely told about what she has done and is willing to do, and thus audiences can’t quite grasp the passion she wants to convey. Meanwhile, and not befitting the role at all, Diego Luna plays the anti-hero but falls flat; like a two-dimensional monologue machine. And pertaining the rest of the cast, audiences are left wondering what’s the point of introducing us to individuals that seem to have hidden depths only to learn that that they feebly renounce to their beliefs (and even lives). Even so, and befitting to a Star Wars film, the world and its various ambiences are engulfing and immersive, thrusting us into the saga head-on; and once the pacing is established, we can fully appreciate the female heroine in her fullest potential and grasp the importance of what is to be done. Two important remarks: the comedic relief portrayed by the robot, boding well for the history of Star Wars companions; and an excellent battle that gives viewers the feeling of hope and union represented by the rebel alliance. In conclusion, would I recommend the film? Definitely. Would I state it’s a good film? Not particularly, but it is very entertaining, and for Star Wars fans and followers it delivers a slither of hope that the saga will continue, with more films and a deeper insight into the universe as a whole.


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