arrival2c_movie_posterFrom the same director that helmed “Sicario” comes 2016’s best science fiction film: Arrival. A movie that, although extremely distanced from real events (an alien apparition on earth), delves into what human cooperation and teamwork means for the sake of development and humanity itself. And after a tumultuous 2016 that highlighted racism, segregation, hate, and zealousness, Arrival becomes a small message that resonates for filmgoers. Pertaining to its cast, Arrival hits the spot in almost all the right areas, with only Forest Whitaker failing to transmit the same level of energy as the rest of the cast (his absence helps the film more than his presence). Even so, the duo of Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner is likeable and manages to impress throughout the entirety of Denis Villeneuve’s direction. A point of emphasis is made on the use of a non-linear narrative progression utilized to perfection that achieves the single objective of making audiences think with a predetermined mindset, judging the main character because of it, and in the end realizing the main message that the film wanted to transmit.


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