Doctor Strange

doctor_strange_posterIt’s hard to keep track of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the vast array of films that have been released in recent years. Coupled with this, the intertwining nature of said universe means that for everyone except die-hard fans, each story is separate from the rest. In Dr.Strange, this separation seems ever so present as Benedict Cumberbatch embraces the main character with a very entertaining act that manages to keep viewers invested in the movie. Alas, the same story has already been told in the past, where the millionaire playboy wants to save the planet and acquires a new persona in order to do so (Iron Man, Batman, etc.). But the incorporation of mystical elements makes the story feel somewhat fresh, and incredible visual effects bring said story to life. Unfortunately, little character progression for the Dr. means that in the end, the film feels repetitive of other Marvel titles and never manages to release from its mold.

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