War Dogs

war_dogs_2016_posterWar Dogs is an American comedy drama film made by the same director of the three Hangover films. Starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill as two arms dealers, it subtracts the same “feel-good” sentiment of his previous trilogy, also found in other titles such as “21” or “Ocean’s Eleven”; where an illicit activity is hyped and placed under a stylish spotlight where the protagonists are considered heroes – even though the actual people are horrid (the film fails to show this in any way). Funny and entertaining, War Dogs manages to lure viewers through the buddy-like performances of Hill and Teller, who portray the search for friendship, money, power and fame which can only be achieved through arms dealing (or so the movie says). Sadly, it epitomizes the Hollywood value of amusing an audience above anything else, and while audiences laugh away, millions of damaged individuals are left forgotten amidst the ongoing arms trade.

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