Everybody Wants Some!!

220px-everybody_wants_some_posterStylized after a Van Halen song of the same name, “Everybody Wants Some!!” is a love letter to everything in the 1980’s summarized and constricted into three days of cultural trends, stereotypes, fashion, ideology, music, and dialogue. The college vibe lasts throughout the film, and although there isn’t much substance nor plot to hang onto, it establishes a memorable setting and group of characters. And like in Catcher in the Rye, the three days of partying, alcohol and sex are only exemplifying the lost state of identities in which many of the characters are: between a memorable past and an exciting yet uncertain future. Even so, when the credits roll you kind of wish you could stay a little while longer with the group, as one of them states boldly “it’s going to be a good year”. Linklater’s film is very hard to decode, and its mastery is mostly intangible, and you as the audience can feel this even though you can’t quite grasp exactly what makes the film good (or bad).


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