Now You See Me 2

220px-now_you_see_me_2_posterAfter the unexpected success of Now You See Me in 2013, director Jonathan Chu was asked to supervise a second installment in the hopes of garnering even more profits than its first version. With a stellar cast that includes the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, and Jesse Eisenberg it was up to Chu to ensure that each actor fulfilled its potential with meaningful roles, scripts and scenes. Sadly, the film only goes downwards from beginning to end, with an overused plot and main theme that even manages to confuse viewers through a stunted progression. Additionally, poor cinematography and camera direction go side by side with mediocre dialogue to create a painstakingly boring film, albeit with some very few quirky moments. Furthermore, the director assumes that viewers know and remember everything that happened in the first installment, bringing names, places and events to the present with little to no detail; and concludes everything with an implausible and unrelatable roundup that gives audiences little motivation to see a continuation.


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