The Big Lebowski

biglebowskiposterMany films under the comedy genre have garnered attention by critics, but few have had such a lasting impact as The Big Lebowski. Paving the way for future endeavours in TV and cinema, the Coen Brother’s take on a Los Angeles slacker who goes by the nickname The Dude is well shot, clever, and witty. It strives on presenting a unique cast of characters that all gell well in their respective groups, highlighting stereotypes and alluding to extreme social prejudices, and does so particularly well with the three protagonists (The Dude, The Vietnam War Veteran, The Naive well-natured guy) and three direct antagonists (Nihilist Germans). It is, on a basic level, a “first step” in the Coen Brother’s new cinematic line that would go on to create films such as No Country For Old Men, and an experiment (in comedy as well as in artistic vision) that ultimately paid off. A point of particular interest: the division seen between critics and audiences who first catalogued the film as a dud, but as the years passed embraced it with a cult-like following.


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