The Young Victoria

the20young20victoria20200920720p20bluray20x26420ebpAbove all else, “The Young Victoria” is a film that accentuates historical accuracy instead of deviating from its source in order to please audiences. Even so, its excellent costume and set design, coupled with great performances from its main actors; merit a thorough observation from history buffs and casual moviegoers alike. Of special notice is Emily Blunt’s portrayal of the queen and Rupert Friend’s representation of Prince Albert. Both their parts show the more humane, soft, and sometimes inexperienced sides that contrasts with the very image of royalty and its adjoining power and opulence that the film displays. Takes inside magnificently adorned palaces, intricate ballrooms, and extravagant gardens show the extent of authority held by the English Crown for centuries. On the musical side, the various soundtracks of classical music fit in most of the time, but there are moments where less is more, and the absence of background tracks would have benefitted the film for the sake of immersion, if only to hear how a scene’s details would have really sounded like.


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