When Marnie Was There

omiode_no_marnie_posterProbably the last production of Studio Ghibli, a melancholic tone is used to show the life of Anna, an introverted 12-year-old who lives with foster parents and has few friends. From the very onset of the film, a deep sense of sadness is transmitted by the main protagonist and the world around her, in which she lives but isn’t really a part of. In her own words, “there’s an inside and an outside, and [she is] outside”. And true to the animation studio, viewers can almost feel part of her Japanese everyday life, from the sounds used to the landscapes shown: even if it is an animated film the rustle of wind or the flow of the ocean gives a deep sense of immersion. From a psychological perspective, Anna is trying to escape her shyness, afraid of letting the world know her, and when she finds Marnie, viewers might wonder if Anna is discovering her own sexuality, a question that is left open for deduction. Alas, the director doesn’t manage to convey the sad story without dwelling too much on melodrama, but on a particular high note, concludes the film in with a beautiful (yet sad) tone, hitting just the right notes.


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