Kung Fu Panda 3

kung_fu_panda_3_posterKung Fu Panda 3 conveys a message of closure to audiences. In its scope, it is the ending of a voyage for the journey of Po, who goes from student (Kung Fu Panda 1) to master (Kung Fu Panda 3). However, this final chapter has a bland and fractured story-line that most of the time uses “filler” content that gets in the way of narrative. Too many times is the film digressing from its main point, thus lulling viewers into a slow progression of the plot that leaves much to be desired. Even so, it always delivers on the animation front, with stunning cinematography and character models. Furthermore, the excellent work done by Hans Zimmer in the musical department and an outstanding voice cast led by Jack Black, Bryan Cranston, JK Simmons, amongst others merits a trip to the cinema. The ending message, “Be the best you you can be” is another great contribution that makes the Kung Fu Panda trilogy worth watching.

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