The Hateful Eight

the_hateful_eightTime and time again Tarantino shows everyone that he is one of the best directors of all time. Not because the movie should be considered a masterpiece, but because every part of it is purely a Tarantino film, unique from all others. His characters, per usual, take the center role and become timeless (Señor Bob, Domergue, Joe Gage); and the whole cast are equally appealing as any of the characters from his previous films: unique and rememberable. Cinematography is top notch, and on this occasion the winter scenery is the perfect setting to emphasize the “Tarantino” style with intricate details such as the smoke from a tobacco, the heated breath from a horse’s nostrils, and the snowflakes falling and accumulating on characters’ hats. Finally, the slow uptake of the film and its decision to be shot almost entirely on a single room is reminiscent of theatre (and the director borrows from his other works the use of “chapters” or acts); but when the action gets going and the mystery starts unfolding, the audience is hooked on a very entertaining show.


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