Bridge of Spies

bridge_of_spies_posterBeing a movie directed by Steven Spielberg, it shies away of the “romantic” ideal with which he usually portrays characters. In this case, Spielberg  presents the facts in a linear way while dealing with few subplots, and shows audiences the main protagonist and problem he has to deal with (in a first instance feeling rushed in doing so). On the negative side, this means that some of the supporting cast feels bland, but particular characters shoulder this burden by performing on a superb scale. Specifically, the duet formed by Hanks and Mark Rylance (winner of Best Supporting Actor) feels just right, and the title of the film bodes well with each of their roles. Although the film itself is very long and sometimes slow, it clearly wants to tell a story throughout, with no digression or unnecessary diversions to awe audiences (ex: unnecessary subplots). The only negative point to remark is that there are no tension points in the film, and viewers constantly feel as if everything was always under control.


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