brooklyn_filmposterBrooklyn is, in a very broad sense, a period drama. Told through the eyes of an Irish woman taking her first steps in a new country and a new life, it depicts the very real sense of insecurity that she feels as she (and all immigrants) explores a new culture and world. At first inexperienced, from the way the language is spoken to the way the outfits are chosen, she gradually becomes acquainted with her surroundings. But as all city newcomers, she feels detached from this strange life, and the film does a good job in showing the similarities between her and every person that decides to move to another place, as they slowly find their footing. Furthermore, the balance in costume and set design places viewers right at the heart of Brooklyn in the 1950’s, and succeeds in telling the immigrant story of Irish people to a faraway settlement in the “new world”. Sadly though, it doesn’t quite move audiences in its way of showing the difficulties of immigration per se, as it centers too much on the individual toil (showing her wading through a new relationship and the feeling of homesickness).

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2 comments on “Brooklyn

  1. Dan O. says:

    Good review. It’s tender and sweet, without ever seeming over-dramatic.

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